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Feb 02, 2019

Modern EmbraCing Tables

Feb 02, 2019

These EmbraCing Tables are pleasingly simple to the eye but spectacularly functional for any modern home. Designed by Architect Tim Harrison, they showcase the dovetail joinery and natural wood grain of the Cherry and Black Walnut wood, while providing unparalleled functionality.

They are easily portable and can be intertwined when not in use, or used individually as end tables, a foot rest, or a step stool. The C shape makes it easy to pull one up to your couch or favorite chair for comfortable internet surfing or eating.

Ready to buy?

Interested in purchasing your own set of EmbraCing Tables? Want a few little tweaks here or there to make them yours? Contact me at (706)-766-9705 or through email at

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  1. John & Sue says:

    Great website!

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